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About Chivito

Chivito has been leading individuals, groups and events for over 14 years.  He's a professional Ayurvedic practitioner, Yoga Psychologist, and Wilderness guide.  He weaves the practices, meditations, understandings and principles into an insightful tapestry through storytelling, nature immersion, humor, and practical action steps.


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"I'm a student and strive to maintain a beginners mind. All I can share is what I've learned from these incredible Beings and my personal experience of immersing myself in the practices, mindsets and ways of these esteemed teachers.  These are gifts passed to me and now I offer them to those also curious." ~ Chivito

From a young age Chivito had dived into the mysteries of nature and the unseen but deeply felt presence within all things.

At one point, he sold his Jazz Club Restaurant and everything he owned, put a few clothes and a journal in a backpack and set off around the world in search of the Masters and Medicine men he had only read about.  He was determined to discover if they and the stories of their magic were real.  

Well, he found them.  He lived and trained with Kahunas in Hawaii, was taken under the wing of great mystics in India who were said to be over 140 years old and trained with them for 6 years.  He spent 3 months in silence practicing intense meditation and rituals learning to dissolve his body into The Everything.  He's been initiated in several energy healing traditions in India, Thailand, Mexico and the U.S.  He's trained and skilled in many healing arts.


Chivito received his certification as an Ayurveda Practitioner in both the U.S. and in India. He did his internship with Ayurveda Doctors in their clinics and the only foreigner out of 400 students and doctors to attend an invite only two week Ayurveda Conference.


He lived with village shaman and Healers in India.


 He's trained and been initiated by Native American Elders in WA where he was initiated as Chivito Cowa.  He's been mentored by Navajo and Hopi elders in the SW.

Chivito has dedicated his life to serving others and maintaining a beginners mind and hence a student always curious and excited to learn. He searches out the Masters themselves, undergoes their rites of passage and initiations and then translates his experience so others may also tap into the beautiful mystery.  

Check out this video of Chivito's journey around the world as he plays the medicine drum & chants. 

Chivito has been sharing and stirring the remembrance within us for over 14 years.  Here's a few photos.  Click Here to see full gallery.
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Credentials & Accreditations

Chivito is a certifed Ayurveda Practitioner & Detoxifcation Specialist.  He's has over 500 hours of yoga certification from both India and the U.S. with a focus on Yoga & Ayurveda Psychology.

He's also certified as a Kids Yoga Instructor.

He's also a Licensed Massage Thereapist certified in both eastern and western modalites such as deep tissue, Thai Massage, Abhyanga, Shirodhara, & Marma Point Therapy.

He's a Reiki Master and been initiated in multiple healing arts.

Chivito co-founded and facilitated the Yoga Teacher Train Program at Hari Om Ashram in Pushkar India running 30 day residential Yoga & Ayurveda Programs

He has owned and facilitated the River Cottage Retreat Center in Leavenworth WA offering workshops, Yoga Classes, and Ayurveda Training and healing sessions.

Chivito also served as a Wilderness Guided for at-risk youth with RedCliff Ascent in Utah teaching primitive survival skills, meditation, and holding space for the kids to experience their own rites of passage.


In short, he has spent his life perfecting his arts and being of service to others.

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